Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Obesity and how Physical Education can help it

17% of youth in America are considered obese.  Factors that contribute to this are nutrition, lack of physical activity, and a general lack of caring about ones physical state.  As a physical educator,one of my main priorities is to help kids enjoy physical activity and help them learn life long skills that will enable them to keep fit.  Along with the core curriculum (basketball, softball, soccer, and football) I plan to incorporate activities such as weight lifting, exergaming, running, orienteering, tennis, LAX, and Frisbee.  These activities will reach a wide variety of students and help all kids find an enjoyment in physical activity. I believe that all children can be physically active through an activity they enjoy, and I want to help them find that activity.  By helping kids find an activity they enjoy obesity rates will decrease.    

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