Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Encouraging movement in the classroom.

A good PE program meets for fifty minutes a period at least three times a week.  While this is a good amount of physically active time, , physical education teachers should encourage classroom teachers to get the students up and active for as much of the period as they can.  Teachers cam play an around the world trivia game which gets the kids throwing and catching, throwing balls at questions on the wall, and by setting up learning stations around the room so that kids are at least up out of their chairs.  Working with every person in a school is important, but it is most important to work with classroom teachers.  Them promoting PE as a fun period can be very beneficial.  You can also help out classroom teachers by incorporating academic aspects into your lessons.  Teachers can fill out a weekly sheet on what the students are learning in class, and you can incorporate those topics into your lesson or unit.  Reinforcing concepts between subjects helps students retain the information better.  Classroom teachers should be eager to comply. 

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