Wednesday, October 19, 2011


   With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, we need to start watching what our children are eating.  As Physical Education teachers it is important to encourage healthy eating and make sure that we don’t give out candy to them.  Some ideas for healthy eating can be found on  Healthy eating is an important key to getting the best results out of the body.  Children need to learn the proper foods to eat starting at the elementary level so that as they get older they are able to make good choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  There are ten foods that say are the most important foods for kids.  These ten Superfoods are:
*Whole grain bread~ provide fuel for kids without increasing blood sugar levels.
*Blueberries~ Give kids antioxidants which neutralize harmful byproducts which can lead to many diseases, they also provide sweetness for kids without refined sugar.
*Yogurt~ An excellent source of calcium and protein.  Also helps the immune system.
*Sweet Potatoes~Have disease fighting elements, and are loaded with carotene, vitamin E, vitamin B6, potassium, and iron.
*Natural Nut Butters~ Not loaded with sugars and fatty acids.
*Beans~ Have a lot of fiber and iron.  Include chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, and lentils.
*Broccoli~ Filled with vitamin C! Introduce it at an early age so that kids are used to eating it, try not to add dressing or cheese.
*Omega-3 eggs~ Can improve skin, allergies, moods, and most importantly mood in children.  Children with ADD show signs of omega 3 deficiency.
*Avacodos~ Offer the good kind of fat for children (60% of a child’s brain is made up of fat)
*Organic Chicken~ Harmful additives are not found in organic chicken, gives kids good protein. 

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