Saturday, December 4, 2010

Last day at St. Mary's!!

The last day that we spent at St. Mary's was a day where the kids were able to just have fun, and play games without having to be assessed on one particular set of skills.  Andrew, Jess, and I tought parachute games, and the kids really seemed to like them.  Jess's game was played by tying a box tied to the center of the parachute and the kids pretended that they were elves and had to shake balls into the box.  For Andrew's game, the kids sat down with the parachute and had to crawl under it to trade places with someone else.  My game was called cool down the elves and the kids shook the parachute to make a breeze for the other kids.  They all seemed to enjoy the games, the only problem with the lab was that the kids had a really hard time not touching the parachute and getting distracted by it.