Wednesday, November 17, 2010

St. Mary's Turkey's Dribbiling Away!

Monday at St. Mary's, the kids were tested on their control skills.  They practiced both dribbling a soccer ball and a basketball.  The kids did very well with the basketball skills, but not so well with the soccer skills.  I think that a lot of the games that were played at this lab singled kids out, and made them nervous.  This is because the skills we were assessing are skills that need to be done one at a time.  I think that when I teach I will try to eliminate this feeling for kids.  One child in particular, Adam, was not participating in the soccer drill, and when he was asked to kick the ball, he was nervous.  I personally remember being in PE class, and being afraid to do certain skills in front of the class.  I will try my hardest as a physical educator to make kids feel comfortable, and not scared to perform skills.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank you St.Mary's!!

Happy Halloween at St. Marys!

October 25, St. Mary's participated in a Halloween themed after school program.  The focus of the program was throwing and catching, but as teacher candidates, we altered games so that they had a Halloween theme to them.  The kids loved playing all of the games, and the Halloween twist just peaked their interest.  I worked with the older kids. and they picked up on the games really well.  They were able to understand semi-complicated rules, and were able to grasp the concepts of the games.  The game that i taught, "Pumpkin smash", the kids were in groups of 2 and had to knock a basketball off of a cone by throwing another ball at it.  It was really interesting to see the way the boys interacted with the girls.  There was one pair that had to be one boy, one girl and they didn't want to play together so the boy tried to leave the game and not play.  There was also a fight between three girls over which direction they would throw the ball in a different game.  Instances like this remind me that besides teaching, an educator must act as a mediator between students who don't get along or who may have negative attitudes about class.  Overall the lab went really well and I think all of the teacher candidates did a very good job teaching.