Thursday, September 16, 2010

Introducing Sticks to Young Children

When I first heard of introducing sticks (hockey, lacrosse, etc.) I was convinced that it was a bad idea.  After giving it some more thought though, I changed my mind.  I think if young kids are introduced to using sticks earlier, their skills may develop faster.  If a young child learns stick control along with learning other basic motor skills, he or she will adapt quicker to stick games.  A child obviously doesn't need to person drills, but just get used to holding and using the stick.  Kids will love it because it is an activity they're not usually exposed to.  Safety is a big issue for kids with sticks.  If a child is playing with a stick, he or she should wear plenty of padding, and be made aware of safety concerns.  I think introducing kids to sticks at an early age can be very beneficial. 

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