Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hall of Shame Games become Hall of Fame Games

Games that were played in Old PE became hall of shame games after they were evaluated. Old PE games such as line soccer, Simon says, and dodge ball focused on eliminating weaker kids, and limited playing time for all students. The games in chapters 3, 18, and 19 are very different from the hall of shame games. The games in the book focus on loco motor movements, movement skills, creativity, and fun. The Hall of shame games are more concerned with winning, high skill levels, and sometimes exercise as punishment. The hall of shame games embarrass kids through early elimination. being targeted as weak, and through the choosing of teams.
If I were to teach dodge ball, I would alter it so that the kids aim the balls at balls balancing on comes on the end lines. This prevents people from ganging up on weaker kids. This game would match all the standards because it would maintain a high level of physical activity, provide a safe environment, help the kids learn strategies, increase participation, and instill value in physical activity.
I am personally glad that people have realized that dodge ball is humiliating for kids and that it needs to be changed to fit the new PE system.

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